• Photographer: documentarian, architecture, portraits- commencing 1977,
  • Writer, editor – commencing 1977,
  • Photographic educator commencing 1979,
  • Photography program coordinator – Montgomery College- commencing 2002,
  • Master of Science – Photography, Bachelor of Arts – Journalism.

        As a photographer I have lived by this edict: “If one is to practice photography honestly one must have a real respect for the thing in front of him.” My photography has been an exploration of the human condition.  Farms, cities, international landscapes, the artifacts and architecture of humanity and the portraits of those who have “touched” me have been the subject of my explorations.

          In addition, as an artist I have lived by this aesthetic imperative: 

This real respect must be expressed through a range of almost infinite tonal values which lie beyond the skill of the human hand...
— Paul Strand

My addendum to this precept has been to add color vision to my repertoire.